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Jason L. Davis

Relationship Manager, RWM

Financial Advisor, RJFS


Jason and his wife met while both attending Valdosta State University. They got married shortly after graduation and Jason began a career in law enforcement. Several years and two children later, he realized his career goals in law enforcement conflicted with his personal goals as a husband and father. “I needed a career where my professional & personal goals were wholly aligned,” Jason says. “I was immediately drawn to a career as a financial advisor.” After extensive research, interviews, and prayer, Jason left law enforcement in 2018 and joined Edward Jones. After learning about Reveille’s unique approach to investment management, Jason joined RWM in January 2023.


“As a financial advisor, it is my responsibility to build long-lasting relationships with others, help them define goals that align with their purpose, develop a plan, and guide them along the way,“ Jason says. “Time with my family and my ability to provide for them are directly linked to how effective I am at helping my clients achieve their goals and protect what's most important to them—a win/win!”


“I get to help people succeed, share in their successes, and know I contributed. I get to be home at the end of the day to play with my boys, whether we wrestle, box, or have lightsaber battles in the yard. I get to tuck them in at night and spend my evenings with Heather, reading or watching TV. I never have to miss my kids' soccer games or church. I take care of my clients and they take care of us.”


Jason lives in Fayetteville with his wife, Heather, and his sons Kaelen and Brennan. He enjoys fishing, hunting, pickleball, studying, and time with his family.

Jason L. Davis
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